PETRUS RAULINO CLINICAL PSYCHIATRY is a private medical office of Psychiatry, in an atmosphere with conceptual design mentality. We call Clinical Psychiatry to emphasize the medical background of Psychiatry.

Our clinic seeks to give a touch of refinement and elegance to the tireless ideal of delivering top-level medical consultations in bio-based Clinical Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology for adults and the elderly.

That is our goal. We know it is impossible to achieve that without much endeavor and persistence.

In our view, scientific and technological advances have been evolving in global waves.

Speaking this way, it is evident that being on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge implies a worldview that drives the clinic to evolve beyond its comfort zone.

And that is exactly our purpose. It could not be otherwise, as we are active in a knowledge-intensive medical specialty.

Our relentless pursuit is to offer scientific knowledge in line with a sophisticated view of the world. Sophisticated? Yes, because the thinking process in a dynamic and modern world, where uncertainty about the future is the norm, requires a capacity for abstraction and analysis.

Again, we are aware it is a boldly challenge mentioned above. But without an impressive ideal, it is difficult to reach great achievements.

Our activity is highly linked to the world of knowledge. We believe there is an overabundance of information in the world, but a shortage of knowledge. In the face of an overwhelming amount of data, what makes the difference is knowledge.

Knowledge to pick what is relevant, giving sense and applying it in a useful way. And this kind of knowledge is difficult to be developed. One needs to be specialized and take pleasure in it.

Therefore, in our consultations, we constantly seek to provide knowledge that really makes a difference. But we also believe that having an exclusive technical view of life is not enough.

So, we try to adapt our way of being to the humanist vision of a contemporary world, increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (some scholars call this world by the initials “VICA”).

In so doing, we get a referential framework to pick and apply technical knowledge that makes sense. Always keeping our mind open to changes in knowledge.

And no problem that the world is so “VICA”, as long as we know how to be situated in this world.

In the following video, Dr. Petrus Raulino explains about the process of creating and inspiring the PETRUS RAULINO PSIQUIATRIA CLÍNICA logo. He speaks of the “VICA” world and how it influences people’s mental health.

The video was made in May 2017 in the same medical office, but before the current conceptual design exists.
Compare the old scenario with the modern one. It is worth checking!

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